ABN AMRO Clearing Implements SMARTS Broker for Derivatives Trading

The business line of ABN AMRO known as the ABN AMRO Clearing has decided to implement SMARTS Broker solution, implemented by the NASDAQ OMX, in their system. This will be used to ensure proper compliance and surveillance across different equity, commodity and derivative markets based in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

ABN AMRO Clearing with help of the automated trade monitoring solution will try to facilitate quick identification of any possible suspicious trading. It will also try to detect any potential attempt of abusing the market. SMARTS broker is going to provide the multi-regional compliance professionals of the bank with proper alerts and actionable insights for different market abuse forms such as market manipulation, irregular trading pattern, insider trading, violating the order handling rules. The data will be provided for both high frequency and automated trading platforms. The SMARTS Broker users of ABN AMRO will thus have access to the integrated SMARTS data analysis tools. These include Market Replay and Spread Graph and therefore, they will promptly and properly evaluate the alerted trading. They can go through the full historical market data as well, if they wish.

ABN AMRO Clearing’s Global Officer, Paul Willis stated that the broker’s speed to market and the cross-functionality was an important factor in the company’s decision to become partner with this automated trading solution provider. He added that they are rolling out to new markets and it’s their duty to always comply with the current and future regulatory commands. To serve their customers across the entire globe properly, it’s important for them to have a better surveillance system and SMARTS broker help them exactly with that.

Nasdaq OMX’s Vice President for the Market Technology Section, Paul McKeown commented that it’s an awesome opportunity for them to work with ABN AMRO Clearing and help them with their global surveillance requirements. Paul added that SMARTS Broker process, source and manage a huge amount of market and broker data. Thus, their global surveillance system works on post-trade and real-time basis. He also stated that the SMART Broker has high scalability and flexibility. Hence, it is possible to add new asset classes easily and connect with the new marketplaces. Paul said that he hopes that SMART Broker will help ABN AMBRO Clearing in its quest to become an evolving business.