AlgoStudio – The New Trading Tool Released By PFSOFT Works on Two Programming Languages

A new professional tool for algorithmic strategy development is here, thanks to the PFSOFT Company. This leading technology providing company has come up with a new enhancement named as AlgoStudio. The new tool is going to support both C# and MQL4 languages. This new forex trading tool is going to be an integral part of the already popular trading platform Protrader 2. Protrader 2, incidentally, is known for being a comprehensive solution to create trading strategies, proper back-testing and optimizing the profitability of a forex trade.

Andrew Gerasimenko, who works as an analyst for PFSOFT stated that the officials felt that for convenience of the traders, the process of back testing and development should not be divided. That’s how the preliminary thoughts of AlgoStudio came into the minds of the officials. AlgoStudio includes all the required functionalities of trade optimization, developing strategies, back testing, working with the currency history and debugging. Hence, if a trader decides to use AlgoStudio, he does not need to use any other application for forex trading purpose. Andrew added that AlgoStudio is a complete suite of instruments required for forex traders and works pretty seamlessly for a better trading experience.

As an AlgoStudio user, you will be able to do testing based on different types of data aggregation such as: LineBreak, PnF, time, range, ticks and Kagi. You can also make use of the unlimited number of instruments available. Hence, you can easily create any type of algorithmic strategy such as: HFT, scalping, arbitrage, trending etc. Obviously, the list of algorithmic strategies does not stop right there.

No matter whatever type of strategy you choose, you can actually follow those by visualization of optimization and strategies testing. Not only that, but you can even import the MQL4 scripts into AlgoStudio tool for getting further help in strategy development.

Chief Executive Officer of PFSOFT stated that currently a large part of the total forex trading volume is done through robots. Hence, their importance in the financial markets cannot be ruled out. The traditional tools are made to work on a single programming language. But, AlgoStudio works on two different programming languages, thereby making it usable for both C# and MQL4 traders.