Alpari Launches Educational Platform

Opinions on forex trading academies vary tremendously and many of the privately owned educational businesses aim to sell their forex signals or forex software to the students through the classroom based seminars held. Some use these sessions for introducing new clients to the forex brokers and thereby receive commissions as well. The cost of these training courses is often as high as $3,000 and these generally last for no more than a week.

Alpari, a prominent forex broker has now decided to come up with a site based training course as it has launched its own educational division in the North America. The company had a similar concept in Russia and the same saw huge success. More than 3650 seminars and courses were held during the first 11 months of last year and hence, Alpari is trying to test the waters in the US market as well.

This new division is headed by Christopher Paoletti, the Senior Vice President of Education. Steven Nurre (The Senior Forex Instructor), Curt Wagaman (Senior Futures and Options Instructor) and Terry Narloch (Enrollment Coordinator) are also part of the core team overseeing this new division.

Incidentally, the PFGBEST Education Division used to be looked after by this same group and they have more than 40 years of experience when it comes forex and futures trading.

This new division named as Alpari Academy purely focuses on education and has no intention of selling anything to the students. The training does not cost a single penny and covers a time period of 6 weeks. 12 live online classroom style lessons are conducted and those are completely flexible. Apart from the members of the team, some special guest lecturers who are industrial experts are also expected to provide training to the students.

The course covers three aspects and those are: introduction to futures trading, options trading and forex trading. Sophisticated technology such as live trading examples, video streams and case studies will be utilized during this course and relevant workbooks, homework assignments etc. will also be provided to the students. The course will conclude after students pass the final examination and upon that, a certificate of completion will be given away.

According to the CEO of Alpari, Jermaine Harmon, education builds the foundation towards success in trading and this new division is expected to help in emergence of new breed of successful traders.