CME Group Volumes Reach an All-Time High on the Last Week, As Announced by the Company

The CME Group has been able to reach an all-time high figure when it comes to the single day volumes last week on 29th May. On the very same day, a total of 26,947,300 contracts were traded on a whole and this was better than the previous high figure of 25,734,651, experienced on 9th August, 2011. Apart from that, individual one trading records were also set for the Globex Electronic Volumes, apart from the combined futures and options volumes for the 10-year US Treasury Note, Interest Rate, 5-year US Treasury Note, Deliverable Swap products and Ultra US Treasury Note. When it comes to the forex trading volumes, the other leading brokers and venues will start to post their volumes for the last month right on this week.

Let’s take a look on the other individual record figures of the CME Group now. The Globex electronic volume has reached 23,537,737, thereby recording better figures than the previous record set on 9th August, 2011 of 22,887,758. When it comes to the interest rate futures and options combined, the same reached a figure of 19,417,635. Incidentally, the previous record was of 17,164,758, set on 27th February, 2007. If the treasury futures and options are taken jointly, the same had reached 13,189,142, thereby recording better figures than the previous record set on 28th May, 2013 of 11,219,180.

The 10-year US Treasury Note futures and options jointly have went past the previous record of 4,747,148 which was set 6 years ago on 27th February, 2007. The new record is at 5,892,461. On the other hand, the 5-year US Treasury Note futures and options combined reached a new record figure as well. The new record is of 3,645,864, whereas the previous record set on 28th May, 2013 was of 2,994,162.

Let’s take a look at the records set by Ultra US Treasury Bond futures & options and Deliverable Swap Future. The Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond futures and options combined has set a new record figure of 679,752 contracts and therefore the previous record of 461,501 contracts set on 26th February, 2013 was broken. When it comes to the Deliverable Swap Futures, the same was able to reach 15,874 contracts, thereby setting a new record. The previous record was of 13,861 and the same was set on 22nd February, 2013.