Daniel Stewart & Company and Mercury Forex AG Collaborate For a New Foreign Exchange Fund

The London based investment bank Daniel Stewart & Company has decided to launch a new foreign exchange fund named as “The Daniel Stewart Mercury Forex Currency Fund.” Incidentally, the company currently offers institutional stock brokering, corporate advisory and wealth management services. This new fund will be open for both institutional and expert investors and it will start operating right from the start of next year. Mercury Forex AG will be responsible for managing the fund. Incidentally, Mercury Forex AG is a Swiss authorized, regulated and registered company.

Mercury Forex AG has a 16 year track record in generating huge profits for forex investors. The company specializes in spot forex trading and trades in most of the major currencies. The company is headed by John Birkins, an established name in the forex trading industry with more than 30 years of experience. Before founding Mercury Forex AG, Birkins used to work as the Chief Dealer at Credit Suisse.

The Chief Operating Officer at Daniel Stewart & Company, Peter Shea announced that they consider it to be a privilege to be partnering with an investment manager of John Birkins’ caliber. According to him, it’s a win-win situation for both the companies as through this collaboration; Daniel Stewart & Company will provide enhanced offerings to its customer base. On the other hand, Mercury Forex AG will also extend its distribution to places such Asia, Middle East and United Kingdom. Peter also added that the forex market is currently pretty much on a volatile state and if investors get into trading now and are advised by a reputed company, chances of great profitability is high.

John Birkins, during the announcement, stated that new collaborations are always welcomed by their company as it’s great to be associated with Daniel Stewart & Company for its first forex fund. John also added that the main three reasons behind Mercury Forex AG’s success are: the contrarian forex trading strategy, extremely disciplined money management and appropriate levels of diversification.

John added that he was very impressed with the infrastructure of Daniel Stewart & Company and its awareness on how the investment industry moves. He expressed hope that this collaboration will help investors rake in huge profits and help both companies to enhance their current respective portfolios.