EBay Stocks Plunge the Most in 5 Months

The operator of the largest online marketplace in the world, EBay Inc. has experienced a fall in its stock values. The decline is the most in last 5 months as ChannelAdvisor Corp. stated that EBay sales for the month of February have increased at the slowest place within last 22 months. Consumers have bought less car parts and this attributed to the less growth of sales for EBay.

The shares of EBay have tumbled by 1% and are currently priced at $52.40 per share. At an earlier point of time of the day, EBay shares went to $50.90 per share, marking its biggest decline since 9th October. Till yesterday’s date, stocks of EBay have increased by 3.5% in 2013. Incidentally, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, the benchmark gauge of US stocks, has posted a surge of 9.1% through yesterday.

If compared to the values of a year earlier, the same store sales for EBay have increased by 8.2% in the month of February. The results were released by ChannelAdvisor through an official statement. If the extra sales from the leap year in 2012 are taken into account, the revenue has increased by 12% for EBay. The sales of the different auto parts and accessories have jumped up by 6.8%. According to ChannelAdvisor, this is the slowest measurement since they have started to break out the details of EBay. ChannelAdvisor also stated that a spate of winter storms have caused the consumers to postpone their work on the cars.

If the extra date for leap year in 2012 is concerned, the same store sales for Amazon.com Inc. have posted a gain of 35%, for the month of February. This is 1% higher than what growth was posted by the company for the month of January. Incidentally, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

As mentioned in statement of ChannelAdvisor, February had a few speed bumps for the ecommerce sector. Apart from that, the leap year has made the comparison tougher as well. In the last month, the plethora of winter storms had a big role in declining the overall sales, especially of the cars. There was also some decrease in macro consumer confidence in the last month. Despite such adverse situations, Amazon has come out strong as several high end items apart from car accessories were bought in abundance.