Forex4you Review



Forex4you is a commercial name for E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc, the brokerage services company, providing the range of on-line services on the basis of the most advanced computerized trading systems to the retail customers in many countries of the world, including UK, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Malaysia and India.

The company specializes on providing high-quality professional Forex trading services to all the categories of retail clients regardless of their professional level, Forex trading experience and startup account. Forex4you professionals lay emphasis not on the opportunities for profitable trading only, but also on the good chance for the Forex4you clients to acquire huge experience and gain good stock of knowledge and professional skills in trading on the Forex markets. Forex4you company is strongly focused on the continuous service quality improvement to let its customers realize their Forex trading potential applying both their knowledge in this sphere and the most advanced technology available.


Forex4you company takes into account all of its customers’ needs proving its financial services to them. As among the principal ones in our days there are such  features as mobility and usability, the company fixed upon providing its services on the basis of the WebTrader system making it possible for the Forex4you clients to trade directly from their web browsers. Being a trading system fully compatible with the worldly accepted MetaTrader 4 trading platform, WebTrader offers wide range of advanced tools and instruments needed for successful trading. With WebTrader Forex4you clients are able to open a demo account in seconds, to open, close and modify their orders in real-time,  track their open positions, access their account balance and other details,  get news feeds, view economic calendars,  create activity reports and send emails.

Customer service

Forex4you customer service representatives are ready to provide all the Forex4you  clients with competent and timely support on the telephone from 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT (the company has got special tool free telephone lines for the customers in Australia, Canada, China,  India, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Spain and the UK, and three special toll free telephone lines in the UK, Spain and in Hong Kong for the residents of other countries). Forex4you company clients can also get the live professional support taking advantage of the Forex4you live chat.