Gas Supply Data Disappoints and Effects Trading

Thursday afternoon saw Natural Gas futures fall in price as there was data revealed by the US that supplies had not decreased as much as expected in the previous week.

They traded down 0.90% at USD3.925 on the New York Mercantile Exchange for delivery in April.

It wavered between a high of USD4.023 and a low of USD3.894.

In the weekly report by the US Energy Information Administration it was highlighted that the gas storage in the US has hone down by 62 billion cubic feet which was not as low as the expected drop of 70 billion cubic feet. 

This was seen in the same week a year before where there was a decline of 26 billion cubic geet.

This meant that the total US natural gas storage was 1.876 trillion cubic feet last week. The stocks were 502 billion cubic feet less than the previous year at this same week and 162 billion cubic feet higher than the five year average.

It was found the East region showed 21 billion cubic feet above average stock levels after 47 billion cubic feet were withdrawn.

In the producing region the stock was 63 billion cubic feet above the five year average which is 691 billion cubic feet as 15 billion cubic feet had been withdrawn.

This data meant that earlier gains had been wiped out.

The forecast that temperatures were going to be cooler than normal meant that the commodity got to 18 month highs.
MDA weather services have forecasted that temperatures will remain lower than normal for the eastern half of the US which I a heavily populated area.

November to march is when most heating is used and therefore the highest demand time for gas. Half of households in the US use gas to heat their homes.

It was also seen that light sweet crude oil futures for May delivery were down 0.91% and the heating oi futures for April delivery were the same.