Jakub Zablocki Will Focus on XFSOL

The Chief Operating Officer and also the co-founder of XTB, Jakub Zablocki has decided to focus more on growth of the company’s newly introduced institutional arm known as XFSOL. Jakub has been able to manage the whole group from inception but now will be more focused for the institutional business, so that it gets the required amount of boost. The retail part of the XTB’s operations will now be handled by Jakub Maly and hence it marks a separation of management responsibilities of each of the arms. Incidentally, Maly, earlier used to work for Turkish and Central Europe business of XTB.

Jakub Zablocki has already taken the helms of XFSOL starting from first day of 2013, but the official announcement, has been made only recently. Currently, Zablocki will see the technology and institutional business development process and analyze how the same can be made better.

Zablocki will be helped by Juan Jutgla, the Director of the Institutional Business wing of XFB. Jutgla currently supervises the development procedure of XFSOL’s business throughout the world. XFSOL incidentally gives the banks and brokerage houses from the entire world an opportunity to have complete forex trading solution. XFSOL looks forward to create a complete trading solution for different forex firms of different sizes. For achieving this feat, it is important for XFSOL to have expert guidance and complete separation from the retail forex business. Hence, Jakub Zablocki will be overseeing its operations now, as confirmed through an official statement by XTB.

XFSOL is already planning to launch the new product named X3 Open Hub. It is an entirely new concept, as claimed by XFSOL and it has a complete trading solution because of its several features such as social trading, multi asset web platform, open API, trading apps marketplace and more. All of these are claimed to be fitted into a single environment that of X3 Open Hub. Apart from those, X3 Open Hub also gives the latest in forex cloud technology and thereby helps the broker clients to have substantial amount of money saved.

According to Zablocki, it’s important to have a fully open, comprehensive and customizable trading platform for success in the industry at today’s date. He added that the clients will have full independence of connecting to any possible liquidity provider while using X3 Open Hub and thus, they can create proprietary front ends.