Maroni May Support Local Currency Proposal

Roberto Maroni, who heads the Northern League political party of Italy, stated that he may support creating a local currency which can be used alongside the Euro for the Lombardy region. Incidentally, Maroni is the biggest political ally of Silvio Berlusconi in the campaigning of the Italian parliamentary elections. According to Maroni, the local currency will act as an alternative, but no way as a substitute. He added that this alternative currency may become useful at difficult times and economic crisis, providing some real help to all the companies. Maroni added that the studies are underway on possible introduction of the local currency at the Bocconi University of Milan and his party can see the utility of the same in the longer run. Incidentally, Mario Monti, the current Prime Minister of Italy used to teach economics in the same university.

While supporting his views, Maroni cited 13 examples in the European region where an internal currency has been adopted. The business capital of Italy, Milan is located in Lombardy, the northern Italian region. Maroni is running for the post of Governor of Lombardy.

According to the opinion polls, the Northern League will be getting around 5% of the votes and Berlusconi is heavily relying on the same for boosting his chances in the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held between 24th and 25th February. Italy is currently in a difficult economic phase as the country is sinking deeper into recession. Berlusconi, who has been the Prime Minister three times, earlier stated that the country should stay a member of the 17-nation single currency Euro.

The favorite of the labor union and a former communist, Pier Luigi Bersani is currently the front runner and according to the recent SWG poll, he is still the first choice of 33.8% of the total voters. Liberal Party, headed by Berlusconi is at the second place with a support of 27.8%, including 5.2% support for its ally Northern League. At its own, Liberal Party, at current scenario, is expected to get around 19.5% of total votes.

Berlusconi has been able to narrow down his gap with Bersani by around 10% since last December, according to the SWG poll. Incidentally, the Euro-skeptic campaign, headed by Beppe Grillo, is currently at the third place with possible support of 18.8%. That’s up by 2% from last exit poll of 16th January.