MetaQuotes Warns Brokers about Danger of Illegal Plug-ins

On last week, a MetaQuotes representative stated that a particular third party technology provider has violated the license agreements of MetaTrader. Now, the company has come up with exact details of what went wrong through an official statement. The statement says that no third party provider is allowed to undertake, permit, cause or authorize any sort of modification in the platform, provide any sort of translation into any other language, create any derivative works, decompiling, hacking of the software, reverse engineering or disassembling. On a whole, no software can be created on the basis of MetaQuote’s software.

Not only the warning shot was made by MetaTrader through this statement, but, on the official website, MetaQuotes have made a posting for the partners and brokers as well. According to the post, some third party developers and brokers don’t pay any heed to the license agreement of the MetaQuotes Software Corp. They not only implement the third-party components to the terminals, they modify the distribution packages as well.

These things have violated the 2.3 paragraph of the license agreement of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 client terminals. Not only that, but, the subparagraph of the license agreement for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms have been compromised as well.

MetaQuotes will strongly oppose any sort of inclusion of DLL/EXE files in their client terminals or forced activation of the DLL calls with any changes made to the default settings of the program. Not only that, but MetaQuotes have requested all the clients for withdrawing from using any of the modifications. The clients are only allowed to use conventional distributions, for anything else, they need to take prior permission from the MetaQuotes group.

The friction between the third party developers and the MetaTrader platform provider has been pretty evident for the last few days already. However, this is the very first time when this type of general announcement has been made by the MetaQuotes team on this issue. Incidentally, MetaQuotes has already launched some competing products as well.

Only this week, many of the MetaTrader brokers such as LMAX,, Alpari UK etc. faced issues with certain trading glitches being experienced on the platforms. According to insider sources, those brokers were communicated of a possible software conflict that generated because of the conflict between MetaTrader settings and the third party software settings.