New Low Latency Futures Trading Platform Launched By Celoxica

HFT Trading Solutions’ technology provider Celoxica has come up with the new enhanced version of the Futures Trading Platform. The multi asset platform already connects with different exchanges such as ICE, EUREX, CME and LIFFE. Celoxica’s President, Lee Staines stated that this new upgrade will help the clients with both order entry and market data processing. It will therefore allow an increased throughput and sort of additional latency reduction as well. The market data and order entry – both are going to be managed in the same FPGA board. Thanks to the standardized shared memory C API, clients will easily be able to integrate this new solution with that of the current trading strategies. The upgraded API is also going to support all of the major markets across the European countries and US as well.

Stained explained more on the target users during official release press conference of this upgrade. Staines stated that their current API is more suitable for the investment banks, execution service providers and large proprietary trading groups. However, the new API is expected to find takers even in the small proprietary trading groups and hedge funds. In the current platform rollout, forex users will benefit due to the changes on the fixed income, equity index products, commodities and CME FX markets. However, another rollout will be implemented soon and that is going to target the forex only platforms such as FXAll, Currenex, EBS, Reuters and Hotspot.

Celoxica, incidentally, is one of the market leaders when it comes to providing ultra-low latency market data (Single digit latencies from one wire to another); in addition with order entry solutions for the high frequency traders. Their latest API is expected to provide a solution to the problem for which trading firms are increasingly looking forward to capitalize on the short-term disparities between European and US future markets. According to experts, escalating market volumes and continued volatility has led to this situation.

The new API has been built on FPG technology and the FPGA cards are completely compatible with the standard slots of PCIe. This calls for easy installation and also increased efficiency, as the collocation costs and server numbers are reduced. The CEO and Chairman of Celoxica, Jean Marc Bouhelier stated that this new API is a next generation system and will turn out to be the best surpassing competitors.