SVSFX Will Launch Tradable Soon

SVSFX, which is a part of SVS Securities, a renowned brokerage of United Kingdom, is going to launch a new Tradable platform pretty soon. The updated website of the brokerage firm already advertises this new platform (Since the start of 2013) as the company intends to build enough interest during the pre-launch phase.

Torben Gregers Friis, who heads the European Division of SVSFX, stated that the firm, so far has received more than 1000 inquiries from the potential clients. On demo, the product should be available by end of next week and if things go plan wise, the live trading is expected to start from the middle of next month.

Friis stated further that Tradable is all set to bring a new wave in the traditional online forex trading system. This is the first platform which provides a central market for all the different third party apps, unlike many other systems where the trader is required to search all over the internet for trading systems. Friis added further that Tradable reviews and screens the products for ensuring their features and abilities. Thus, customers will stay protected from buying products from any unknown sources that may not work according to their expectations or crash the trader’s platform itself.

During the entire prelaunch session, SVSFX has given a limited number of demos to the prospective clients. According to the Head of Trading at SVSFX, Daron Pike, the feedback on Tradable, so far has been pretty encouraging. Users feel that the platform is quite engaging. Pike added that many users even came up with suggestions to make the platform better and some of these will definitely be implemented, if the app sees another version. Pike stated that what makes Tradable different is its demonstration that with such a collection of minds, anything is possible. Tradable is expected to get a good enough market share, as stated by Pike.

The Tradable platform will be offered to the global institutional and retail client base of SVSFX. An existing client will therefore have access to a highly sophisticated risk management engine which is powered by a strong infrastructure.

CEO and Co-Founder of Tradable, Jannick Malling said that SVSFX will go ahead than the competitors once Tradable is launched. SVSFX will be able to present something unique and definitely is a cutting edge technology when it comes to the forex market.