The FTSE 100 Index Rebounds from 1-Month Low Figure

The UK stocks jumped ahead as the benchmark gauge FTSE 100 Index rebounded from a level that’s the lowest in a month. Incidentally, an official of Federal Reserve stated that the economy of US is still not that strong that any sort of reduction can be made in the stimulus measures. The benchmark gauge FTSE 100 Index went ahead by 33.46 points and the same is currently at 6,558.58. The gauge tumbled to its lowest value on yesterday since 3rd May as there were speculations that the Federal Reserve will be tapering the bond buying program, in case the biggest economy in the world shows improvement. The broader FTSE All Share Index went ahead by 0.5%. On the other hand, the benchmark gauge ISEQ Index of Ireland, experienced a surge of 0.4%. As far as the volume of share trading is concerned, the same was 26% below the average of the last 30 days.

According to the Chief Market Strategist of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Johan Jooste, the market is probably discounting an end to the quantitative easing program of US pretty quickly. Jooste added that it is true that the US economy is showing nice improvement, however, the inflation rate is still below the target set by the Federal Reserve. The growing market has its beliefs set in a continued economic recovery; however, the shuttering in some of the regions should be providing good enough impetus for the equity markets.

Among companies, Rentokil went ahead by 2.6% and each share is currently priced at 90.75 Pence, marking the biggest surge of it since 10th April. According to a report published in the Financial Times, Clayton Dubilier & Rice has plans of buying the Initial Facilities unit of the pest control provider and they want to combine the same with Balfour Beatty’s WorkPlace.

GKN Plc. went ahead by 5.1% and each share of the same is now priced at 313.4 Pence, marking the biggest advance of the company since July, 2012. UBS has already raised the price estimate on the stock of GKN Plc. to 350 Pence, from its earlier value of 275 Pence. The recommendation of buying the stocks of GKN was also reiterated by the analysts of UBS. The biggest bank in Europe, HSBC Holdings went ahead by 1.9% as each share is currently priced at 731.9 Pence.