Torstone Technology Launches Inferno

Torstone Technology which is a provider of securities and derivatives processing software to global financial markets announced that they are launching Inferno for the Secure Virtual Private Cloud deployment. Incidentally, the Virtual Private Clouds are sort of isolated private data areas within the public data clouds itself. The VPC offering within the Amazon Web Services product is an example as that allows the users to isolate various cloud servers to be used as either private or public facing. The private environments cannot be accessed by the public and the firms can use these to host the internal data centers without any sort of internet access.

The new Inferno product coming out of Torstone is expected to meet the needs of both the public and private environments. This will enable connection of the product to the public data centers such as Rackspace and Amazon, at the same time, offer the security of a private server. According to a representative from Torstone, companies which offer private cloud computing services such as Amazon enable the required hardware, software and operating systems to be configured on the fly and this is known as run book automation. Inferno is ready for this environment as Torstone has ensured that all reliance that Inferno had on the nonstandard operating system libraries was properly transformed onto the standard libraries. Later those were packaged within the Inferno installation directories. Inferno is compatible with Linux and even cloud providers now support Oracle, thereby enabling Torstone to use the private clouds as an option for deployments for the clients.

Security is properly maintained thanks to a logically separated network which is created for each of the Inferno instances of a single user. These networks will be separated through firewall rules and proper access lists as well. It is expected that the Virtual Private Cloud will gain take-up from the small brokerage firms, hedge funds and asset managers.

Torstone Technology has its headquarter in London with offices in other cities such as Hong Kong and New York. Inferno is a flagship product released by Torstone and it is designed to support great amount of trades through processing for settlement of a huge range of asset classes, be it the asset classes from the complex derivatives or the high volume equity processing. The software is designed keeping the fragmented and highly regulated markets of these days in mind.