Tradency Partners With Central Tanshi

More and more people in Japan are showing interest in Tradency and as a result, Tradency is now looking forward to make a big push in this Asian country. Incidentally, only a few months back, Tradency partnered with Invast Securities and therefore around 20000 of the Invast’s traders signed up with Tradency platform. This was a clear indication of the potential of reaching out to the Japanese forex traders and as it seems, Tradency is making no stones unturned to make itself one of the most desirable platforms in Japan.

Tradency, which is known as the developer of Mirror Trader trading platform and also the originator of the Mirror Trading concept, has now partnered with Central Tanshi FX Co. (CTFX), a leading Japan based margin Forex Company. The CTFX clients will be able to use Mirror Trader platform starting from late January, 2013. Tradency has recently started its ventures for CFDs as well. The Mirror Trading works for 3 complimentary methods such as: Manual Trading, Semi-Automatic Trading and Automatic Trading.

Incidentally, CTFX is a subsidiary of the largest money broker of Japan with more than 100 years of related experience in finance industry namely: Central Tanshi Co. Ltd. CTFX has a customer base of more than 1, 30,000 and the margin deposits, as of November end last year is around 52 billion Yen.

President of CTFX, Kazue Matsumoto stated that he expects that the Central Mirror Trader will be helpful to the forex investors due to the high performance strategies generated by the professionals across the world and the dedicated stuff of CTFX. He added that this new partnership will help traders to have a better back-testing functionality and the communication methods will become sophisticated as well. Matsumoto added that this partnership will open a new horizon for the users of CTFX as they will easily be able to make a transition towards the live trading. Thanks to the Trade by Knowledge nature of the platform, traders will be making trading decisions depending on the track-record proven trading strategies.

According to statistics, Japanese shares in overall global retail volume have gone down to 35%, yet, Japan is still the single largest forex market in the entire world. Japanese brokers are trying to integrate with some value added products for increasing the popularity and Tradency is expected to be a perfect fit in this situation.