Trading Technologies Will Provide Connectivity to GovEx

Trading Technologies International has announced that they will introduce connectivity to GovEX, a reputed trading platform for Treasury Securities in US, within the 1st half of this year. Incidentally, GovEx already provides anonymity and diverse liquidity for traders who seek access to the US Treasury Securities. On the other hand, Trading Technologies, also known as TT, is a globally recognized provider of award-winning, high-performance derivatives trading software.

The news was confirmed by the CEO of TT, Harris Brumfield. Harris stated that he is very happy to offer connectivity to GovEx. This new partnership should be extremely useful to the end users of TT and they will benefit from the deep markets and take advantage of the automated low-latency tools causing extremely fast execution.

This new partnership with the GovEx connection will help the clients of TT to trade complex strategies across a big range of US Treasury Securities and Treasury futures products as well. Clients who use the Autospreader spreading tool of TT will now have an option to execute the intra-exchange and cross-market spreads through the Strategy Engine Execution Servers of TT. This will minimize the execution latency as it will be using proximity based computing and colocation. Incidentally, the Strategy Engine line has highly scalable and high performance products for synthetic, algorithmic and spread trading.

Thanks to the GovEx connection, TT will give access to more than 36 different markets. TT will also start support for GovEx and Eris Exchange concurrently as both of these 2 markets will be available through a single gateway. Incidentally, the GovEx platform is a part of the eExchange Offering of State Street. This offers advanced trading solutions for futures, foreign exchanges, US Treasuries etc. Apart from that, it delivers subscription and redemption of the exchange traded and money market funds as well.

Customers can trade both Eris Exchange and GovEx through the X_TRADER platform of TT and other relevant products such as FIX Adapter API Solutions and TT API. The latest version of X_TRADER, 7.11, released in 2012, has been named as the Best New Product from a Technology Firm for Trading & Execution by the FOW Magazine. In it, integration with ADL was introduced, a visual algorithmic programing platform. Therefore, it was possible for clients to use drag & drop building blocks to dynamically design, test and deploy futures and options trading programs.